Mythic Coins Card Game is NOT your typical deck builder or Magic the Gathering type game.  It has the following features:

  • No board is needed

  • No deck shuffling, drawing, or other random elements like dice

  • No stats to keep track of and no confusing game markers

  • You can learn the game in 5 minutes

  • Unlimited number of players per game

  • Several game modes including Player vs Player, Teams, Battle Circle, Sudden Death, BFG, etc.

  • 20-40 minutes per game

  • Fun, fast paced, challenging 

  • Plays different each time

Characters are represented on the table by their coin on its display stand.  Each character also has their own deck of cards themed for that character.  A deck consists of Health Cards, Power Cards, and Ability Cards.


At the start of a game, each character has a set number of Health and Power Cards. A deck also has 55 Ability Cards.  Based upon the player's strategy for that game and considering what their opponents might choose, they secretly select 12 Ability Cards which they will use to attack, defend, and create other effects.  Ability Cards are kept secret and only shown when used.


Most Ability Cards require Power Cards and Health Cards are lost after battles. The key to winning is selecting and using your cards effectively against your opponent while managing your Power and Health.

If each character has their own deck, how is the game balanced?

Game balance is one of the most challenging aspects of game design and the Achilles heel of many games.  We have taken a different approach to this.  Each deck is themed to the character. However, the actual abilities of the cards are the same for each deck.

For example, a defense that allows you to evade an attack may be called Flight for a Dragon but it would be called Teleportation for a Lich. The result is that each deck appears different, but all the cards have the same abilities. Since each character secretly chooses 12 cards out of the 55 Ability Cards, the match ups are never the same.

In addition, there are several game modes such as Teams, Battle Circle, Sudden Death, and BFG that add even more variety. 

Each character is packaged separately in a Coin Deck.  Example are shown above. You need two Coin Decks to play.  The same character can battle each other if you choose two of the same. 

Each coin has a display stand and the name of the character laser engraved on the edge.

Coins are 2 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter, about 4.5 mm thick, and weigh over 50 grams.

The cards are 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall.  This is the standard size of game cards such as Poker or Magic the Gathering.